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Due Diligence

We carefully vet your idea to make sure that you are not infringing on someone else’s intellectual property. We also match your idea with the appropriate intellectual property mechanism viz. Copyright, trademark, patent, industrial design etc. or a mix of different IP mechanisms, to ensure protection.


Prototyping or making a hard product is often the first step in converting your idea into a product. Prototyping can be mind boggling for an innovator. It often involves interplay of different fields viz. engineering, materials, electronics, optics, biological etc. Getting accessing to the right vendors can be time consuming and expensive for an individual innovator.


Making a single working model in a lab is quite different from producing a hundred or thousand pieces of the same. We ensure tie-ups with existing industries to ensure cost-effective manufacturing or scale-up for innovators/fresh start ups. We specialize in small batch production for test marketing and gauging consumer response.

About Us

Excellion is a translational research company focusing on converting ideas to products. It is committed to helping innovators, scientists, universities and research institutes to translate their ‘ideas’ to ‘products’ and also helping small and medium businesses to grow by providing them easy access to cutting edge technologies.

Excellion bridges the gap between industry and academia, with a special focus on small and medium enterprises.

What We Do

Intellectual Property and Technology Management are two critical aspects of translational research. Unfortunately, in India and other developing countries the framework needed for effective IP and TM is either inadequate or missing altogether.

This poses very tough challenges in translating research to products, leading to wastage of precious public money funding that research.

Success Stories

  • Small Wonder-Lyzer
    Worldwide Technology Breakthrough product for laboratory dialysis (US Patent 6,368,509)
  • Green Bee
    an innovative, biomass community cook stove. Based on innovative concept. Patent filed. Venture set up around the innovation. Green technology…
    • On Going Projects