What We Do

Intellectual Property and Technology Management are two critical aspects of translational research. Unfortunately, in India and other developing countries the framework needed for effective IP and TM is either inadequate or missing altogether. This poses very tough challenges in translating research to products, leading to wastage of precious public money funding that research.

Excellion is focused on providing quality solutions for translational aspects of cutting edge research in an affordable and sustainable manner as below:

  • Due diligence for infringement clearance relating to intellectual property issues pertaining to product/process
  • Advisory relating to choice of business unit for starting operations e.g. sole proprietorship, partnership, private limited, limited liability partnership etc.
  • Brand management support
  • Intellectual Property support e.g. trademarking of logo, company name; protection of idea by patenting, design registration etc.
  • Prototyping support
  • Test batches manufacture
  • Regulatory clearances
  • Identification of raw material suppliers and vendors
  • Packaging and Marketing literature development
  • Pricing advice
  • Marketing and sales guidance

At Excellion we believe in nurturing startups for economic growth, employability and also ensuring global competitiveness of small and medium ventures based in India. The hallmark of our model again is focus on quality and sustainability.

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